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How to Bulk Add PrestaShop Product Tags

Would you decline the idea to improve product search throughout your PrestaShop store and allow customer quickly reach merchandise they are interested in? Certainly, you wouldn’t. And PrestaShop product tags will help you out in this case.

What Are PrestaShop Tags? How Do They Work?

PrestaShop tags can be defined as searchable keywords or keyphrases, associated with your PrestaShop products. In fact, tags group and categorize products, they are attached to and further simplify storefront navigation.

All the tags, you have added to products, are displayed in special block at the frontend. They represent links and when customer presses this or that PrestaShop tag, list of goods it has been assigned to, will be returned. In this way, shop visitors will get the list of related products that may attract their attention.

Adding Tags in PrestaShop

To get PrestaShop tags displayed at the storefront, you should first link them to corresponding products. Store Manager for PrestaShop allows to assign tags manually or automate the task and import them from the file. Below in this post we will describe both ways.

Method #1: Assign Tags Manually

First it should be indicated that all PrestaShop product tags are stored respectively under Store->Tags section of PrestaShop Manager application. You can add desired keyphrases and keywords here and manage them using functionality disposed on the toolbar or in the context menu.

  1. Press “Add Tag” option (access on toolbar or context menu).

  2. Input tag in “Name” field of edit tag window.

  3. If your store has several languages and you want tags to be available in corresponding language, provide translation for each locale.

  4. Press “Add Product” button below to reach items, current PrestaShop tag will be assigned to. Determine search conditions in product search form as it is shown at the screenshot.

    Products, matching search conditions, will appear in Results fields below.

  5. Select items, you want to assign tag to, and press “Add and Close” button.

  6. The items, you have selected, will be shown in tag edit window. To fulfill product assigning press OK button.

PrestaShop product tags assign can also be accomplished from product edit form side. Launch the edit window pressing respective button in Store Manager or double click on product. Access “Descriptions and Meta” tab in the edit form and input PrestaShop product tags in the field below.

If tags, you add in this way, do not exist at PrestaShop, they will automatically be stored in Tags section of Store Manager and can be assigned to other merchandise in the way, we have described above.

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Method #2. Import PrestaShop Tags

Alternative way of bulk tag assign is to import them via Store Manager product import wizard.

Detailed step-by-step tutorial with all the settings described is available in this article Import Products to PrestaShop using Store Manager

We will draw your attention to main aspects related to PrestaShop tags import and points to consider to get tags assigned successfully.

  • Tags should be provided for desired product in the import file, upload is going to be performed from.

  • Multiple PrestaShop tags being assigned to one item via import, separate them by a delimiter within one column.

  • Specify the same terminating character on “Select Fields Delimiter and Quote Character” step of the import wizard (see the screenshot).

  • Select proper product identifier and map file columns to respective PrestaShop database fields.

  • Configure options on the last wizard step and click Import button below to import PrestaShop tags

After import, PrestaShop tags will be assigned to products, as you have linked them in the file. They will automatically fall to Tags section and will get assigned to specific language. When your customers clicks on certain keyword in the list, products associated with it are displayed

Simplify your site navigation and improve product search adding tags to them – assign meaningful keyphrases to products in bulk using Store Manager for PrestaShop.

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