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What is PrestaShop And How to Get Started

Are you considering a good platform to start your online business? Or your are browsing through the Internet looking for some alternative to the one you are currently using? Take a quick look at PrestaShop and you will probably terminate your search and set your choice in favour of this platform.

This article covers the points related to understanding what is PrestaShop and why it is so popular among online merchants all over the world.

So, What is PrestaShop?

If you google this phrase “what is prestashop” you will get dozen of search results and almost each of them will say that “it is open-source platform”, but what is that and what it gives you? Open-source means that anyone with good knowledge and experience can modify it. However, this fact is usually vague for developers and technical people. Though, merchants are in most cases business people, who usually take care about the features and how they can be put into practice to bring good profit.

Thus, more important what this shopping cart is capable of. Main PrestaShop features are:

  • one-page checkout
  • support of various payment systems, such as PayPal, Google Checkout, Payments Pro via API, Authоrize.net and Skrill.
  • the ability to create and provide customers with variety of products of different types, which may come in variations (attributes, combinations)
  • various delivery options which can vary depending on customer’s location, logistics control
  • powerful reports and analytics system
  • multi-store management
  • the possibility to create your own unique design with PrestaShop Themes.

Those are only a few of the most popular and important features which you can benefit using PrestaShop. Main functionality is usually expanded with additionally installed modules.

Behind the Scenes

PrestаShоp is easy to install and set up and has low system requirements for hosting server. Before carrying out the procedure, make sure you have all the obligatory data available: server space, domain name, FTP access details etc.Basically, after you download the installation file and it is run with automatic installer, it will take care about basic modules and default settings. If you carefully follow the directions described in documentation, you will see that the process is effortless.

Enhance Your Prestashop Management Possibilities

As was mentioned above, core features of PrestaShop can be extended by means of different extensions. The ones available you can find at PrestaShop official site. There you can choose the ones corresponding to your needs.

What to consider selecting the tool for efficient store handling? It should be all-in-one and satisfy different needs. This way you can avoid overloading your store with installation of too many modules.

One of such complex solutions that far more extend the possibilities of your back-end is Store Manager for PrestaShop. With this helpful application you can make changes of your catalog directly from your desktop. You will have an ability to massively modify products, product features, attributes, combinations, prices, quantity and other details. Import files of any basically file format and structure, uploading images, building-up category tree, doing changes on-the-fly. Integrate with additional sales channels, accounting systems and many more.

Moreover, users already evaluated the quality of the software and the application received the highest PrestaShop Award at Barcamp 5 in New York. Store Manager is also the official partner of PrestaShop. Their combination is “perfect match” that will bring your business forward leaps and bounds.

Hope that you received clear answer on the question “what is PrestaShop”. To make right decision, you can download free version of this shopping cart as well as 30-days free version of Store Manager for PrestaShop –