Ultimate Solutions for Your PrestaShop Store Management

Developing eCommmerce business incorporates not only documenting details on how you are going to conduct the website, but also choosing ultimate platform for its preeminent managing. Renowned PrestaShop shopping cart offers a plethora of catchy features to maintain dynamic store running, such as PrestaShop catalog, stocks, orders, customers management, coupons and vouchers, newsletter subscription and so on.

Undoubtedly, PrestaShop is mighty and widespread base for e-store commencing and its profitable running, nevertheless you may encounter lack of features, indispensable for seamless business performance. Thus, sooner or later, you will start deploying workable PrestaShop extensions to enhance overall store management – improve and quicken PrestaShop product update, widen PrestaShop import/export or category management possibilities.

Nowadays there is a wide array of solutions, PrestaShop users may obtain to increase store management efficiency. This fact makes them hesitate what one to prefer. This article contains information on Store Manager for PrestaShop desktop application and adduces the proofs in support of its efficiency and workability.

Store Manager for PrestaShop is a PC solution, approachable in installation and usage. This application highly improves default admin functionality and accelerates PrestaShop catalog arranging operations.

What are key features Store Manager for PrestaShop is characterized by?

    Note: Store Manager for PrestaShop is compatible with PrestaShop v., 1.7.1.x, 1.7.0.x, v.1.6.x , v.1.5.x , v.1.4.x , v.1.3.x
  • Full set of basic operations possible over products and categories, that help you accomplish PrestaShop product updates at ease and accurately organize PrestaShop catalog
  • Store database backup – inalienable procedure before any data alterations fulfilling to keep store content saved
  • Built-in products and categories wizard – viable instrument for smooth PrestaShop import to database conducting
  • PrestaShop import of products can be undertaken from local files of .txt, .xls, .xml, .csv, .xlsx or having HTTP or FTP links to them
  • PrestaShop import of products with attributes
  • Remarkable filtering and product search functionality
  • Convenient mechanism of PrestaShop product features management
  • Enhanced system of PrestaShop attributes and attribute groups administrating
  • Convenient PrestaShop customers and orders management
  • Built-in Mass Changers instruments for bulk product alterations carrying out
  • Robust Store Diagnostics tool for accurate PrestaShop images management

Store Manager for PrestaShop comes with numerous advantages and contributes to developing thriving e-business. First of all, with Store Manager you can effectively manage several webshops and expand business horizon in that way. You won’t encounter any difficulty installing the software or running processes, as it’s facile in installation and operating.

With Store Manager PrestaShop catalog arranging is an amplified and accelerated procedure. Mass Changers mediums are designed to ease PrestaShop product update accomplishing – you can implement alterations to multiple entities at once without switching between windows. These are represented by Mass Product Changer, Mass Feature Changer and Mass Combination Changer. Alter product features in bulk, modify price or quantity for multiple combinations, change any product associated information, set smart prices – Mass Changers open you unlimited possibilities and turn product management to dynamic and effective operation.

One more benefitting feature Store Manager possesses is data import wizard. It is committed to provide accurate and fast performance of file upload. Wielding this instrument you will increase PrestaShop import possibilities, being even able to input missing records or modify required ones on the fly.

Special emphasis should be put on Store Diagnostics tool Store Manager for PrestaShop incorporates. Thanks to its functionality, PrestaShop users can avoid mishaps and inaccuracies with product pictures – easily reveal images that do not refer to any of entities PrestaShop catalog lists, missing product images and products without images.

Magento Manager Addons

Store Manager addons can’t be left unattended. Addons provide extra functionality and significantly extend Store Manager operating. For example, eBay Integration Addon will help you dispose your products on eBay.com – the world’s most popular auction site on the Internet. Automated Product Import plugin facilitates you an avail way to make PrestaShop import to database mechanized and timetabled. With PrestaShop PDF Creator you can easily generate product catalogs. You may also seize the functionality of PrestaShop QuickBooks Integration, Doba Dropshipper Integration, ICECat Product Catalog to boost overall store management operations effectiveness.

Store Manager for PrestaShop together with its addons is indispensable for launching and managing remarkable website. To develop your store in leaps and bounds you should rely upon comprehensive functionality these solutions offer – http://www.prestashopmanager.com