Store Manager for PrestaShop RoadMap

Here you can see features and improvements to be implemented in upcoming release of Store Manager for PrestaShop. You can view the stage of tasks completeness. The data are updated regularly, so you can see the progress almost in real time.

Approximate Release Date is Jun 17, 2018
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Issue Name Description Last Updated Type Name Status
HTML Editor Improvement

Corrections in the HTML Editor, related to the work and display of data in the edit window will be implemented in the next release of the application

Jun 18, 2018BugfixesCompleted
Rounded Combination Impact

After the product has been copied and pasted and there were its product combinations generated, fractional values of Impact are being rounded. This inconvenience will be eliminated.

Jun 18, 2018BugfixesCompleted
Access Management Issue

If a certain profile has permissions only to view products, Store Manager allows editing their quantity. This issue will be fixed.

Jun 11, 2018BugfixesCompleted
Correct work with attribute and combinations

Correct work with combination values in version

Jun 18, 2018BugfixesCompleted

Jun 07, 2018Completed
Issue Name Description Last Updated Type Name Status