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8 AM - 7 PM (GMT) / 3 AM - 2 PM (EST)

USPS Shipping Management

USPS Shipping Management USPS Shipping Management addon allows you to handle your shipping much better and faster. This addon enables you to print postal shipping labels directly from your Store Manager. Shipping labels will include postage, return address, verified delivery address, and service barcodes. Read more »» Buy Now!Try for Free
Service powered by Stamps.com (R)

USPS Shipping Management uses online services which are provided by stamps.com

Why Shipping Integration addon is useful for you:

The features of Shipping Integration addon are numerous. To name a few:

PrestaShop Shipping Integration addon allows you to mail your orders incost-effective and timely manner. Print the shipping labels easily right from your desktop - no delayed deliveries or postage overpay. Eliminate your trips to post office with Shipping Integration addon!

Current version supports USPS only.

In future versions of PrestaShop Shipping Integration Addon you will be able to ship via UPS and FedEx

Note, 1 license key can be used to register the addon on 1 PC only. Check our license policy for more details - https://emagicone.com/license-agreement/

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