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PrestaShop Mobile Assistant Usability Advantages

To reach desirable results in online business, one should determine tactics of store development. PrestaShop Mobile Assistant is invented with the aim to make PrestaShop store as near as possible to store owner.

With PrestaShop version for mobile new era of eCommerce development starts. Nowadays store owners have a unique possibility to oversee store activity 24/7 wherever they are. This is a perfect, easy-to-use tool for thriving PrestaShop store management. Moreover, those who want to earn more and more, increasing business turnovers, should give a try to PrestaShop Mobile Assistant and make sure of its multifunctioning.

Mobile Assistant Installation

PrestaShop for Android software is a dream of every store owner. It’s absolutely free and open for everybody who wants to use it. PrestaShop Mobile Assistant should be installed on mobile phone, for what Android v.2.2 and PrestaShop shopping cart are required.

The process of PrestaShop for Android application installing starts at Google Play. Installation file can be downloaded there and run on mobile device. To set up PrestaShop on mobile bridge connection is compulsory. To set up bridge connection one requires to indicate PrestaShop store URL, bridge login and password in the bridge file and in PrestaShop Mobile Assistant and PrestaShop version on mobile is ready to be operated.

Having opened PrestaShop on mobile, store owner can see the main software window – menu. Here three options are represented: orders, sales and customers. Below these “Add New Store Connection” button is placed, using which one can create multiple store connection. This procedure doesn’t require substantial technical skills, but makes numerous PrestaShop stores checking easier.

PrestaShop Mobile Orders

Once orders section of the PrestaShop Mobile Assistant menu is chosen, the user will get orders data for further working-out. Convenient filter option allows to find the necessary order in just several clicks. Firstly order status should be indicated – in list following options are given – delivered, pending, processing or other status user can have). After this the user should choose date for filtration from drop down menu (today, yesterday, this week, previous week, this month, previous month, all time). Also date can be indicated by means of calendar option, given below. After “Show Orders” button is being pressed, search results will appear on the screen. In a blink of an eye store owner can analyze the situation, check orders total, how many products this or that customer ordered. In the line of order there will be shown small icon, by means of which PrestaShop owner can get detailed information about given order, namely, status, total, discounts, shipping cost, shipping and billing addresses.

PrestaShop Mobile Customers

To look for customers over PrestaShop mobile store owner should choose “Customers” section above. Further actions are analogous to those, described above. In the window appeared one can see field for name or e-mail entering. After this date should be specified from drop-down menu or calendar below. Sometimes, store owner wants to look through those clients who made a purchase at the store. In such a case “Only those who bought something” box should be ticked. After the results will be displayed and customers will be listed, owner can check detailed information about customers – address, phone, email, date of registration, orders detailed. Maximum data is represented in space-saving dense way, what is beneficial for PrestaShop store owner, as in just one look store activity can be analyzed.

PrestaShop Mobile Products

The last section of PrestaShop mobile version puts forward products information. “Product Search” field allows to enter products name store owner wants to find. Also products can be filtered by ID, SKU, product name and date (if “Show ordered products” option was indicated).

With PrestaShop on mobile each and every store owner has an opportunity to gain profits briskly.

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By Ira Svedovetska