Get More Profit with PrestaShop Mobile Assistant for Android - Store Manager for PrestaShop
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2018-01-24 2012-08-31
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Get More Profit with PrestaShop Mobile Assistant for Android

PrestaShop store development and handling is highly demanding and responsible task so store owners have multiple things to keep in mind to make it profitable. Moreover, they should develop weighty competitive strategy and react fast in day-to-day tactics to surpass would-be competitors. To do so store owners should have multiple innovative managing systems at fingertips to win success.

eMagicOne presents the essential software which allows store owners to make appropriate operative solutions having PrestaShop on mobile called PrestaShop mobile Assistant

Well, what good is it? First of all the PrestaShop version for mobile is absolutely free of cost and is handy in installation and usage. Installation file can be found at Google Play and downloaded without any payment. The PrestaShop for Android application requires Android v.2.2 on mobile and PrestaShop shopping cart only for being installed on phone.

Being far away from store, store owner takes an advantage of being connected to e-store with PrestaShop for Android software absolutely costless. PrestaShop mobile Assistant shows a clear picture of the current store activities including ability to browse products, customers and orders, look for necessary data, by means of advanced filtering system.

Every store owner is interested in such an opportunity to get the latest information about their store activity and to make necessary operational solutions absolutely for nothing. Got in time data with PrestaShop on mobile are valuable factor for instantaneous measures taking. For example, with PrestaShop mobile Assistant a person can set inventory situation going at store, trace orders and customers sections at an easy rate daily and analyze business situation and sales. PrestaShop for Android program provides owners with informative in-depth diagrams and charts for general analysis of store’s activity.

What more should be mentioned about PrestaShop version for mobile? Beyond doubt, it is a must-have solution for store viewing, but it doesn’t allow to implement any change – update store data anyhow.

The necessity to keep walking in step with PrestaShop store is achievable today with PrestaShop on mobile beneficial tool. PrestaShop for Android is a user-friendly and highly-effective application for everybody. It’s cool to obtain such functional without cost spending, what will provide store owners with numerical superiority.

By Ira Svedovetska