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8 AM - 7 PM (GMT) / 3 AM - 2 PM (EST)
8 AM - 7 PM (GMT) / 3 AM - 2 PM (EST)

Automated Product Import

Automated Product Import Automated Product Import is Store Manager for PrestaShop addon, developed for the purpose of eliminating routine data uploads, to be more precise, substituting them with mechanised and scheduled import operations. Read more »» Buy Now!Try for Free

Looking for fast-paced means of PrestaShop bulk product import? Need to update product catalog through unattended and autonomous import procedures? Automated Product Import is at your disposal. This import utility ensures flawless and accurate PrestaShop import, accomplished at predefined time without your intervenience.

Functional Capabilities

Schedule import tasks

Schedule Import Tasks

Designate import settings once via intuitive import wizard and run succeeding data uploads at predefined time (on monthly, weekly, daily basis) using them

Choose File Source

Choose File Source

You can import merchandise from local files or those from remote destinations (FTP or HTTP links, URLs containing user credentials)

Supported File Formats

Supported File Formats

Data, you need to transfer with Automated Product Import can be stored in CSV, XML, XLS/XLSX (MS Excel format), ODS (OpenOffice format), TXT files

On-the-fly data input or modifications

On-the-fly Data Input or Modifications

Adjust data to be imported or add missing information with the help of expressions instead of manual data handling

You Will Find Addon Advantageous If You

PrestaShop Automated Product Import Reviews

PrestaShop Automated Product Import ★★★★★ 5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews. Read reviews

Automated Product Import

5 5 1
Ho acquistato il plugin "Automated Product Import" per gestire in automatico le procedure batch sul mio sito dedicato ai rivenditori.
Questo modulo mi consente di programmare l'importazione del mio listino sull'area FTP.
Per impostare la procedura di importazione basta salvare il file di configurazione con le impostazioni necessarie per eseguire la procedura, e nei successivi processi di importazione il programma manterrà quanto da voi scelto.
Settare correttamente i parametri FTP per il collegamento tra Store Manager e la vostra cartella in remoto è molto semplice, grazie al supporto grafico dedicato che vi consente di sfogliare le varie cartelle presenti sul vostro server.
Una volta settata la procedura sarà possibile modificare i Task programmati e modificare gli orari di esecuzioni degli stessi.
I task vengono eseguiti anche se il programma è minimizzato ad icona.
E' possibile verificare l'esatta esecuzione dello script grazie al report presente nel plugin il quale riporta data e ora dell'ultima esecuzione e lo stato della stessa.
Ho contattato molte volte l'assistenza e sono sempre stati cortesi e celeri nel risolvere i miei problemi
Per la mia personale esperienza, consiglio l'acquisto del modulo.

Simply amazing ! Save time by importing automatically all products on a schedull

5 5 1
This extension is exactly what you need if you need to update your stock, prices and catalogu on a regular basis whithout having to do everything yourself everyday, you can choose date and time of import, what fields are imported, use expressions on fields to import price +20% for exemple, whether or not to erase the products that are not in your import file... pretty much all you would need for an import system.

The support of the team is also perfect, they answer immediatly on their livechat and you can ask any question you want, they will solve it there and then for free, worst case scenario they tell you to send your configuration store file and they solve the probleme in the next 2 days and inform you by mail so a really devoted team, they take care of their old customers.

I would buy again whithout a doubt, it is a quality company with great support.
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Important: Since Automated Product Import is Store Manager for PrestaShop addon, it can not be used as stand-alone products, thus you should have Store Manager installed.

The addon is implemented in Store Manager and operates in demo mode, so that you can process up to 10 records only. Full-functional import will be performed when you register the addon with License Key provided after you purchase this tool.

Note, 1 license key can be used to register the addon on 1 PC only. Check our license policy for more details - https://emagicone.com/license-agreement/

How to upgrade Store Manager to PRO version is described here - Update Services for Store Manager for PrestaShop

Drive your online business to success with Automated Product Import Addon - make PrestaShop cron import seamless and fine-grained.
See Automated Product Import Addon Reference Manual
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