What is primary license, additional license and trial license? - Store Manager for PrestaShop
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2018-06-27 2012-08-29
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What is primary license, additional license and trial license?

Full version of application should be registered using appropriate license key. eMagicOne offers the following license keys:

  • Primary License (Store Manager and Store Manager Addons) – allows you to register one application and can only be used on a single computer (PC or laptop). If you would like to reinstall application with addon and move your license, you need to reset your license key. Click here for details
  • Additional License (available only for Store Manager) – allows customers who have purchased Primary license to use Store Manager on other computer(s). Note that one additional license can be used on a single computer as well. For example: If you have three computers, you need to order one Primary (Full) License and two Additional Licenses. Important note: You can not use additional license without having at least one primary license under the same license account (e-mail). When purchasing additional license please use same email address as for main license otherwise additional license will not work.
  • Trial license (Store Manager and Store Manager Addons, time-limited) – allows to try full version of application and its extensions for 14 days. Click here to request free trial license of any product.

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