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What is primary license, additional license and trial license?

Full version of application should be registered using appropriate license key. eMagicOne offers the following license keys:

  • Primary License (Store Manager and Store Manager Addons) – allows you to register one application and can only be used on a single computer (PC or laptop). If you would like to reinstall application with addon and move your license, you need to reset your license key. Click here for details
  • Additional License (available only for Store Manager) – allows customers who have purchased Primary license to use Store Manager on other computer(s). Note that one additional license can be used on a single computer as well. For example: If you have three computers, you need to order one Primary (Full) License and two Additional Licenses. Important note: You can not use additional license without having at least one primary license under the same license account (e-mail). When purchasing additional license please use same email address as for main license otherwise additional license will not work.
  • Trial license (Store Manager and Store Manager Addons, time-limited) – allows to try full version of application and its extensions for 14 days. Click here to request free trial license of any product.

    Eric • 10/05/2020

    I didn’t get any a trial key from email. It’s not in my spam

    PrestaShop Store ManagerMod Eric • 10/06/2020

    Hello, Eric!
    Thank you for your comment.
    We’ve checked your request and can see that the trial license for your email was created.
    Please try to search for the email with a key in the All inboxes or All emails folders. Or try to search by the sender – eMagicOne.
    If the issue persists please contact us via live chat or email at [email protected]