2018-02-28 2016-04-21
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Store Manager for PrestaShop v. – Warehouse in POS, PrestaShop Advanced Stock Management Improvements

Great news for PrestaShop Store Manager users. New version of Store Manager for PrestaShop has just been released and is available for download.

We are pleased to present Store Manager for PrestaShop v. and provide the list of enhancements this version delivers.

Feature: Warehouse Choice in POS

  • Now PrestaShop users can choose product warehouse in POS, if PrestaShop Advanced Stock Management (further used ASM) is enabled.

Improvements: PrestaShop Advanced Stock Management Enhancements

  • PrestaShop warehouse association is now available in product import wizard. You can assign products to necessary warehouse via import;

  • Entire ASM status of PrestaShop products can be imported/exported now;
  • Context menu with set of options has been added in ‘Stock Management’ grid;

  • Some improvements have been implemented to ‘Edit Stock Management’ window:
    1. ‘Usable for Sale’ checkbox is enabled by default;

    2. Product price displays properly;

    3. Default values are specified in other fields;

    4. Focus is set on ‘Quantity’ field.

  • ‘Available quantity’ column, displaying remaining product quantity, has been added to ‘Ordered Products’ tab (in ‘Orders’ section);

  • ‘Usable quantity’ column has been added to ‘Stock Management’ and ‘Categories and Products -> Warehouses’ grid, ‘Quantity’ column has been renamed ‘Physical quantity’.

Extend Store Manager for PrestaShop Update Period to Get the Latest Version

Extend Updates


  • ‘Out of stock’ field is now updated properly via Mass Product Changer for multiple stores;
  • Correct product price, specified in selected shop, is now exported to eBay;
  • Enabled products with 0 in stock do not hide if ‘Hide Disabled Products’ option is enabled;
  • ‘Profit margin’ calculation formula has been corrected;
  • Now product remains in focus if it has been updated in ‘Stock Management’ section;
  • Products, assigned to warehouse, are now removed properly, their association to warehouse is cleared;
  • Quantity recalculation for products moved from one warehouse to another has been implemented;
  • Product quantity in warehouse now recalculates depending on order status change;
  • Quantity of products, assigned to several shops, is now recalculated properly if some stock related operations in ‘Stock Management’ section are performed;
  • If order status changes, stock updates are applied to store, order belongs to, but not to default PrestaShop store;
  • Now empty FTP tasks are not generated when products without images are added to POS;
  • Previously orders displayed in incorrect shop after their details had been edited. The problem has been fixed and orders are displayed in shop, they are associated with;
  • Now ‘Tax’ and ‘Shipping Cost’ are indicated for orders imported from eBay.

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