2018-05-16 2017-07-18
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Store Manager for PrestaShop v. – Minor Improvements and Fixes

Great news for PrestaShop users. New version of Store Manager for PrestaShop has just been released and is available for download.

We are pleased to present Store Manager for PrestaShop v. and provide the list of enhancements this version delivers.

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  • Previously changes implemented in product lower grid did not save and once a user switched to the other tab these updates cleared. The issue has been fixed and changes apply now.

  • Product stock will be updated correctly in warehouse, if an order with this product is created in Store Manager.

  • If snapshot option is enabled in automated import configuration, changes will display in preview window after import completes.

  • Now the grid position is being preserved after the changes have been made to tags.

  • Previously when goods were assigned to tags, duplicated product records were shown for each shop of multistore. Now this problem has been fixed.

  • Database connection problem, occurring in case of non-default MySQL port used, has been eliminated in this release of the software.

  • Now in POS window are displayed only products assigned to shop, chosen via global selector, instead of products from all shops that were shown previously.

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