2018-01-24 2013-11-05
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Store Manager for PrestaShop v. – Advanced Stock management, Customers Export, Orders filter by Shops

Great news! eMagicOne.com Team has implemented some major improvements to Store Manager for PrestaShop.

The latest version of the Store Manager has been updated with the new cutting-edge features.

What’s new has been added in this release?


– Advanced Stock management. In this Release support of stock control feature has been implemented. New section was added in Store Manager. You can view and change statuses for products stock;

– Now you can export PrestaShop customers to csv file via Customer Wizard. It is possible to choose fields to be exported. There is also possibility to export customer data to Excel or HTML;

– Amazon Integration Addon (in Beta mode) has been added to this program. This Addon allows you to export Prestashop products from the store to Amazon;


– When switching to attribute combination, you will see the image, assigned to it. If you simply select product but do not switch to its combinations, product cover will be displayed;

– Mass Product Changer – confirmation added on exit. Special confirmation window has been added to Mass Product Changer. If you close Mass Product Changer, you get dialog box asking you to confirm the action;

– New option “Encode scientific values for EAN13 codes” has been added on Base Formats and Separators step of the Import Wizard;

– From now on you can filter PrestaShop orders by Shops. You will derive the list of orders depending on Shop selected from the drop-down;

– New option has been implemented to the Import Wizard. Now you can select what shop to import data to on Import Options step;

– Assign attachments in bulk. New feature has been added in this Release. Now you can add attachments to selected list of products in bulk. Also, you can add several attachments to selected products at once;

– We have simplified Assign Combination Image window for product combinations. Now you can easily and quickly add images to product combinations;

“Reduction Price” columns has been added to export orders Wizard;

– Now product titles will be normalized according to PrestaShop requirements. Wrong symbols will be automatically removed from product name;

Colour visualization for PrestaShop combinations has been added in this release of Store Manager for PrestaShop. This feature will help you in the instant identify necessary colour;

– Product Name field and macro have been added in Mass Product Changer. Number of field names corresponds to store languages, for example, name-en, name-ru, name-ua.


– Incorrect data were displayed in “Supplier Reference” field of “Supplier” tab. It has been fixed;

– When section “Users and Permissions” was activated with special restrictions for user, user could modify Product Description and proceed with product re-index. This issue was corrected in this Release. User can’t modify description and re-index if those operation were prohibited;

– In case more than one language was used, description was updated for current language only in Mass Product Changer. This problem has been solved. You can modify description in all available languages now;

– When Delivery Address was changed in already existing order, it was not modified correctly. This issue has been corrected;

– “Out of memory” issue occurred when huge csv files were imported. This issue has been solved;

– When you copied products, tags were not copied. This issue has been resolved. Now you can copy/paste products with tags;

– Delivery date was not automatically set when order status was changed to shipped. This issue has been corrected;

– When you pressed Cancel to stop Mass Product Changer operation, it froze. Now it works properly;

– It was issue with Group Reduction for POS in the program. The Sum was notcalculated if reduction value contained decimals. This issue was corrected;

– Category name was saved for wrong shop. This behavior has been corrected.