2018-01-24 2013-09-03
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Store Manager for PrestaShop ver. – products search with thumbnail, export special price, expressions in Mass Product Changer, accented URL support

Great news! eMagicOne.com Team has implemented some major improvements to Store Manager for PrestaShop.

The latest version of the Store Manager has been updated with the new cutting-edge features.

Here’s what you can get a hand of:

New Features:

– Thumbnail product image will be displayed in product search form. If you choose the product from Results section of the search form you will get its image in the right window corner;

– Now you can export product special price with Store Manager for PrestaShop;

– Now expressions are available in Mass Product Changer (Expression can be any SQL statement).
Simple examples of expressions:

1. To add some new product tags or meta keywords: CONCAT([FIELD_VALUE],’,new tag 1′,’,new tag 2′)
2. To replace onto nothing: REPLACE([FIELD_VALUE],'<p>’,”)
3. To set product Reference same as EAN13: [FIELD(ean13)VALUE]


– Progress bar that displays Mass Product Changer operations progress has been added in this release of Store Manager;

– Now it is possible to export up to 12 images to eBay (per product) with eBay Integration Addon;

– Accented URLs support has been added in this release of Store Manager for PrestaShop;

– Delivery Address related columns have been added to Order grid (e.g. shipping phone number, etc.);

– Multiple language tabs have been added to Quick Add Attributes and Attribute Groups;


– Now when exporting large amount of products to eBay, “export products with quantity less than 0” option works well;

– Recalculate feature in Orders section now calculates tax properly;