2018-01-24 2012-10-04
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Store Manager for PrestaShop v2.3.6.431 – Reindex, change categories status, Smarty Cache

Discover the Latest Updates of Store Manager for PrestaShop Version

In the new release of Store Manager for PrestaShop we have made a lot of useful improvements and corrections.

Check out these new enhancements that allow you to make your work with PrestaShop store more convenient!


– Reindex of all products has been added to Store Manager

– Now you can change categories status in few clicks. You can easily change status of selected categories via context menu.

– The option to clear Smarty Cache has been added to Store Manager.


– In case of customers removing you have a possibility to delete all his/her orders and addresses

– Redesigned navigation tabs for products editing in Quick Tab section. Now information is represented in the form of TreeList.

– UPC field in Combination Grid of Store Manager has been added.

– If in Mass Product Changer necessary for updating fields are not chosen, Store Manager will show the notification “Please Check fields that you want to update”

– The ability to change the size of chunks for posts for bridge connection has been added to the program.

– You can export status of orders into CSV file while fulfilling orders export. This feature has been added to current release of the program.


– Categories folded automatically after categories refreshing. Now this issue has been fixed.

– If you changed product name in QuickTab, the product did not appear on the panel as not reindexed. This problem has been solved.

– When editing addresses, new record in the database was created and the old one was deleted. Now old record is not being removed, but simply marked as deleted.

– Bug with combinations import with pictures has been fixed. It was impossible to import if the image was identical at least for two combinations. When accomplishing combinations import, all images were marked as main for the product. If all combinations were imported as default, then at front-end product price was displayed only like amount of the first combination.