2018-01-24 2012-08-09
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Store Manager for PrestaShop v2.3.4.401 – barcode scanner support, xml import

In the new release of Store Manager for PrestaShop we have made a lot of useful improvements and corrections.

Check out these new enhancements that allow you to make your work with PrestaShop store more convenient!

New Features:

– Added support for Barcode Scanner. Now you can search or add a product in order by simply scanning product bar code.


– Added a possibility to import XML files into the program. It allows you to import XML files from the first step of import process and assign necessary fields.

– The possibility to control Color picker for combinations through Store Manager menu has been added. Now you can control behavior of color combinations display through Combinations section of the program.

– Products with images import optimization. Now import speed is increased in 3-5 times.

– Mass products removal has been significantly accelerated. You can do it several times quicklier.

– Added errors display on Preview Import step in case fields were filled incorrectly or assigned not in a proper way.

– The possibility of adding to your order product status – inactive or “Out of Stock” is available. This function works only if option “Allow orders When Out of Stock” for image is installed.


In the process of carrier editing Fees and Price Ranges settings were broken down. This problem has been solved.

-If you used special price or discount for grouped product, price in invoice was displayed incorrectly. Now display of price works well.

– While adding Description field to search, this field was stretching. Now this issue has been fixed.

– Added Address 2 field export while performing orders export.

– Improved special price for group fixing. Before this price was not taken into account when creating order from Store Manager.

– If you used the French language in the Connection Wizard and chose Simple Mode, Access violation arose. This problem has been solved.

– Orders Export in QuickBooks is corrected. In the process of export product price and special price are taken into consideration.