2018-01-24 2014-11-13
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Store Manager for PrestaShop v2.15.2.1000 – Multi Feature Support, Customer Order Total in Grid, Price Margin, Combination Reference Autogenerate

Great news! eMagicOne Team has implemented some major improvements to Store Manager for PrestaShop.

The latest version of the Store Manager has been updated with the new cutting-edge features.

Check out enhancements that allow you to make your work with PrestaShop store more convenient!


  • Multi Feature Module support has been added (one and the same feature can have more than one value assigned).

  • Please, note: In order to use this feature you should have Multiple Feature module installed.

  • Possibility to quickly edit customer address in Store->Customers section has been added in this release. When you select certain customer and switch to Addresses tab of the lower grid, you will find “Go to Address” option in the context menu or just doubleclick on the record to go to the address.

  • There has been added “Skip images if product already has image” option. If one enables this option, products that already have images will be skipped and images will be added to items that had no images assigned.


  • Customer order total column has been added to customer grid. It will show total of all orders for each customer.

  • Price margin value (%) now will be shown in the product grid. This is the difference between Price and Wholesale price.

  • Product position will be set automatically when new item is added to the catalog.

  • Possibility to quickly sort customers using row filter has been added in this release of Store Manager.

  • Possibility to filter PrestaShop attributes by specific shop has been implemented.

  • Product search form now saves search conditions and options specified for previous product search.

  • Store Manager startup enhancement. No additional loadings will be shown.

  • Some structural changes have been applied to Manufacturer edit window. All the details will be shown within the window. In case new manufacturer is being added, shop associations inherent to previously processed manufacturer, will be displayed in this window. On condition that one has switched store connection, all the settings will be reseted to default settings.

  • Logic of product drag and drop has been changed. If you shift the product to another category, you will not be transferred to this category and stay in the initial category.

  • PrestaShop combinations created with Combination Generator, did not possess combination reference previously. Now combinations have reference assigned and it is identical to main product reference.

  • Now store owners can quickly move to customer from order page. The option is available in order context menu and when merchants click on it, they will be transferred to customer data.

  • Now when importing customers, one can select the shop, they will be assigned to.

  • Now it is possible to import/export customer gender. One can export or import gender ID as well as gender itself.


  • If PrestaShop user did not run Store Manager as an Administrator, User Access Database Engine download (in the process of xlsx files import) returned error. Now UAC will ask you to download and install the driver with administrator permissions.
  • Decimal product pricing is computed properly in POS.
  • Some improvements have been implemented to e-mail templates.
  • In case “Reindex automatically imported products” is not checked, number of products to be reindexed, was calculated incorrectly. The issue has been resolved and products are calculated properly now.
  • Previously after default PrestaShop combination was deleted, default combination was not defined automatically. Now the next PrestaShop combination is being marked as default.
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