2018-01-24 2011-11-22
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Store Manager for PrestaShop v2.0.0.206 – User Access Management, eBay Integration Addon, Doba Dropshipper Integration Addon

Great news! eMagicOne Team has implemented some major improvements to Store Manager for PrestaShop.

The latest version of the Store Manager has been updated with the new cutting-edge features.

Here’s what you can get a hand of:

New system of User Access was developed. Now you can grant specific permissions to Store Manager users allowing them to perform certain operations whereas other areas may be disabled. This feature is suitable for store owners who want to restrict access to store data depending on specific user role e.g. Product Manager, Order Manager etc.

Manage Users and Permissions Main Window

PrestaShop eBay Integration Addon, which allows you to import products from your store to eBay is now available for purchase.

This comprehensive tool will help you to sell products easily on eBay through Store Manager, installed on your PC. It provides you with the ability to export entire products list, as well as product descriptions and prices from your online store to eBay.

New Doba Integration Addon was integrated, which allows you to import products from Doba to your store automatically. The addon is now available for Beta-testing.

PrestaShop Doba dropshipper integration Addon is used for wholesale dropship Doba company operations. It has been recognized as the most trusted drop ship solution in the industry.
With the help of Doba dropshipper integration Addon you will import products from Doba to your store, update products prices, quantity and stock status, export orders from store to Doba, submit payments for your order.

New style of Ribbon (Office 2010) was added too.

Now in Store Manager the option “Force use unicode” is set on default.

In PrestaShop Mass Product Changer the ability to change Final price was introduced.

Now Store Manager is compatible with Prestashop version

There is an ability to add accessories to Products was implemented.

The process of copy/pasting the products was improved. Now while cloning the products the connections of categories are preserved. You have the ability to choose elements, which you would like to be duplicated, such as combinations, images etc.


  • The categories which emerged while import of products now are created not only for current language, but also for other languages;
  • The issue of importing product attributes for databases with prefix was fixed;
  • Now when creating new order the invoice reflects correct number of products;
  • The fields available for export now are correctly reflected in Store Manager;
  • The process of editing products’ descriptions while switching between databases is fixed;
  • The features, in which custom field was set to 0 are now reflected in Store Manager;
  • The button “HTML Settings” in HTML Editor re-directs to correct tab.