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Store Manager for PrestaShop v1.3.0.137-image watermark, advanced search by 45 fields, EAN13, UPC, Eco-Tax, Tags support, Attachements support

Great news! eMagicOne Team has implemented some major improvements to Store Manager for PrestaShop.

The latest version of the Store Manager has been updated with the new cutting-edge features.

Here’s what you can get a hand of:

  • Now, Store Manager for PrestaShop not only maintains older versions of PrestaShop shopping cart, but also supports Version 1.4.3 images
  • With the updated Import and Auto-Import feature, you can import products from http, ftp or local PC


  • Store Manager upper menu bar now contains two additional sections:

1. Tags – allow adding product tags in the product list for SEO purposes

2. Attachments – allow attaching PDF manuals in different languages and other similar files

  • Customers & Orders section holds two additional options:

1. Credit Slip – displays the payments to be returned

2. Delivery Slip – displays the list of products to be delivered


  • Additional up/down buttons on the upper toolbar allow controlling product and category position in the list
  • The updated Store Manager for PrestaShop allows adding watermarks to images. In the Preferences section choose Image Watermark to impress watermarks with various levels of transparency on the product images displayed in the store. They are meant to protect your product data from being published elsewhere without any reference to your store.

  • The updated Store Manager for PrestaShop accommodates the advanced product search feature. Now, you have 45 additional search fields to choose from – EAN13, UPC, Eco-Tax, etc. You can save the filtered product search for future usage.
  • With the implemented updates you can save the forms and positions of Store Manager windows. This is crucial when using two or more monitors at a time. In the Preferences section choose Advanced option and select Restore dialogue from state

 Other Store Manager improvements include:

  • Updated Scheduler for Auto-Import
  • New altered Parser for Import
If you have any suggestions on Store Manager for PrestaShop, you’re welcome to contact our Support Team.