2018-01-24 2015-01-30
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Store Manager for PrestaShop v2.16.0.1061 – Catalog Price Rules, Image Regeneration, New Homepage, Amazon Integration Improvements, Order Import from eBay

Date:January, 30

Great news! eMagicOne Team has implemented some major improvements to Store Manager for PrestaShop.

The latest version of Store Manager has been updated with the new cutting-edge features.

Check out enhancements that allow you to make your work with PrestaShop store more convenient!


  1. Auto-create specific prices according to Catalog Rules has been implemented to Store Manager in this release. Specific prices will be automatically assigned to the product, if it falls under some Catalog Rule conditions.

  2. Image regenerate option has been added in this release. It allows you to regenerate image thumbnails for selected products.

  3. Improvements:

    1. PDF Catalog Creator addon optimization:
      • New options have been added to the toolbar (when adding new products): Check “Is New” Status, Check “Is Printable” Status;

      • Previously products in catalog were not calculated properly: irrespective of how many products were added, there was indicated 0. Now products are calculated correctly.
    2. “Use final price” option has been added to Mass Combination Changer;

    3. Suppliers Unit Price Tax Exсluded field has been added to product import/export in this release of Store Manager for PrestaShop;

    4. “Create feature values” option has been added in this release and now you can add PrestaShop features in the process of import;

    5. Keep current categories association(s) options has been added to product import wizard. It allows to update but not overwrite category associations for imported products;

    6. New Homepage has been implemented to Store Manager. It contains info about releases, news, specials, offers addons and lets move to program sections (attributes, products, customers and so on);

    7. Product with Images Import Optimization. Import of products with images (for example 100 000 entities) will be accelerated;
    8. Order Import from eBay possibility has been added.
    9. Category regeneration optimization. Now categories, nested to edited PrestaShop category, will be regenerated only, not all existing categories.


    1. Supplier field has been removed from product edit window and now PrestaShop users can assign supplier to a product in corresponding field of the lower grid;
    2. Some changes have been made to product specific prices creating;
    3. Previously it was possible to import only one product image from ICEcat. New version of ICEcat Integration Addon lets add several images from ICEcat catalog;
    4. Previously “Start import from line” was not saved to import configuration. This problem has been resolved in this Store Manage release;
    5. Formerly order details were displayed incorrectly if you created the order via “Create Order with Selected Products” option of the context menu. The issue has been corrected and POS works properly;
    6. Previously if products with combinations were copied to another shop, for example from shop A to shop B, products was added to shop B, but no combinations were assigned. The issue has been corrected and combinations are copied together with products;
    7. Product combination quantity is modified correctly now with Mass Combination Changer, when “Share available quantities to sell” option is enabled.