2018-01-24 2014-07-31
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Beta-version: Store Manager for PrestaShop ver. – Enhanced Import, Availability and SEO, CMS pages indexation

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Great news! eMagicOne.com Team released new Beta-version of Store Manager for PrestaShop.

Below you can find what features and improvements have been recently implemented to Store Manager


– CMS pages indexation is accessible now. Corresponding checkbox has been implemented in edit window, so you can activate or deactivate page indexation ;

– It is possible to add selected products to POS via option that is available in the context menu;

– Now store owners can enable or disable character restrictions. In Advanced tab of Preferences window you can find “Ignore character restrictions” checkbox. When this box is not checked, special characters, such as <>, #, {} ans other will be ignored;

– The possibility to filter customers by shops has been implemented in this release;

– New “Availability and SEO” field has been added to “Main Product Properties” tab of the lower grid;


– Now there is the possibility to work with carriers without setting price range for them;

– “State” column has been added to Addresses tab, so that store owners can view states here;

– Now customers with hashed passwords are being imported correctly;

– HTML Editor has been improved and enhanced in this release;

– Mass Combination and Mass Feature Changer now can be started from ribbon menu;

– Generators (Product Combination Generator, Customizations Generator and Specific Price Generator) are now available in product context menu. Just select necessary products, right click and select required Generator tool;

– “Friendly-URL” field now is available in “Availability&SEO” tab;

-Now it is possible to adjust Carrier Fees window width;

-Measure units (currency, weight, etc) are now displayed in Shipping Settings window;


– Category grid does not disappear after Internet reconnecting (direct connection to database);

– Incorrect mechanism of category copying within multiple stores has been corrected in this release of Store Manager for PrestaShop.
For example, shop 1 has Home->Products categories, shop 2 has categories Home->Products->foods
We copy Products category from Shop 2 to Shop 1 and as a result get foods category copied as well.
This issue has been resolved and categories are being copied correctly now.

– Logic of customer assigning to customer group or its assigning from it has been changed in this release of Store Manager.
1. Create new customer group, for example VIP
2. Add customer, John Smith, for example, and assign this customer to VIP group
3. Delete VIP group
4. Create new customer group, for example, Not registered

As a result, customer John Smith will be assigned to Not registered group, although complete customer group removal is required.

Now Store Manager removes customers and groups correctly

– Previously supplier details were not removed when one removed the supplier itself and these details were displayed when one created new supplier. This inconvenience has been corrected and suppliers are being handled properly in new version of Store Manager for PrestaShop;

– There occurred some issues with product representation due to incorrect pagination functioning. This problem has been resolved;

– Price of products that belong to different shops and have different price in each is imported properly;

– Supplier and Supplier Reference are being imported properly now;

– If product name contains dot, URL will be created correctly without without it;