2018-01-24 2015-03-19
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Store Manager for PrestaShop v2.17.0.1124 – Amazon Integration Addon Official, Customer Order Total in Grid, Other Functional Enhancements

Date:March, 19

Great news! eMagicOne Team has implemented some major improvements to Store Manager for PrestaShop.

The latest version of Store Manager has been enriched with the new improvements.

Check out enhancements that allow you to make your work with PrestaShop store more convenient!


  • The information window has been added to the application. It will inform users about the state of Store Manager for PrestaShop trial version (number of days left), provide purchase and registration info

  • Amazon Integration addon is now available for sale. Purchase the extension to integrate PrestaShop store with Amazon marketplace.


  • New hotkey has been added. Now Backup/Restore database wizard will open after pressing CTRL+F11

  • If no quantity value is provided for new products, being uploaded to PrestaShop, 0 is automatically set for these products now

  • Previously product import ran, but no products were added in case product name was not provided in the file and “Just Add” import method was selected. Now product appending will not be performed and users will be notified that required field “product name” is missed in the file

  • PrestaShop customer section has been enhanced. Order total will now be displayed for each customer in this section.

  • Now taxes are applied depending on customer zip code in Point-of-Sale window

  • Now image immediately shows in preview column of the product grid after it has been added to product

  • Now if one applies filter in Mass Combination Changer and uses “Check All” option, only filtered combinations will be selected


  1. Supplier Reference will not be shown in Main Product Properties tab (for PrestaShop v.1.5-1.6). All the details related to supplier will be respectively shown in Suppliers tab
  2. Access Violation, which occurred in the course if data import or scheduled import, has been fixed
  3. Previously Access Violation emerged when PrestaShop user switched connection in Tools->Quick Connection Switch. The issue has been corrected
  4. There occurred the issue with category copying. If it was copied together with products, copied products had category image attached. The problem has been corrected and image associations are preserved now
  5. Previously when editing carrier in PrestaShop order, changes were displayed in Store Manager, but were not shown in PrestaShop admin. This has been fixed and changes are shown in the backend
  6. Now product details do not differ and identical information is displayed in grid, in edit window and in the lower grid
  7. Product re-index runs correctly now after product editing as well as after import, if product fields, influencing re-index, are being updated
  8. Shipping details are being recorded in Store Manager in the same way they are recorded if order is created at the storefront
  9. Previously changes implemented to PrestaShop combination were not saved correctly. The issue has been fixed and now combinations are being updated correctly
  10. Previously combination price was not displayed correctly in Mass Combination Changer if the product was associated to several shops. Price inherent to main shop was shown. The problem has been fixed and actual prices are displayed
  11. Now product grid is automatically refreshed if product was moved from one category to another and “Move and create new default category” option was selected
  12. Feature values were displayed improperly in Mass Feature Changer. The issue has been corrected and features are shown correctly now
  13. Previously “Assign Categories” form was placed to the background if multiple products were selected and category associations should have been updated for them. The issue has been resolved in beta release of Store Manager for PrestaShop
  14. Specific prices were not filtered by shop and all existing prices (for all existing shops) were displayed in the lower grid for selected product. It has been resolved and now prices for selected shop is shown below in the grid
  15. Now each time when http/ftp files are uploaded, preview buffer is being cleared. Previously import wizard kept files open in buffer
  16. Previously SQL files, required for proper DOBA Integration function, were not available. Now this files are created once Store Manager for PrestaShop is installed
  17. Some modifications have been implemented to PrestaShop invoices
  18. Some changes have been made to customized fields display