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Store Manager for PrestaShop Release Notes

Store Manager for PrestaShop Professional Edition Version: – Monday, August 18th, 2014
1. Fixed Out of Memory error on some specific actions
2. Minor fixes and improvements

Store Manager for PrestaShop Professional Edition Version: – Thursday, July 31st, 2014

- CMS pages indexation is accessible now. Corresponding checkbox has been implemented in edit window, so you can activate or deactivate page indexation ;
- It is possible to add selected products to POS via option that is available in the context menu;
- Now store owners can enable or disable character restrictions. In Advanced tab of Preferences window you can find ?Ignore character restrictions? checkbox. When this box is not checked, special characters, such as <>, #, {} ans other will be ignored;
- The possibility to filter customers by shops has been implemented in this release;
- New “Availability and SEO” field has been added to “Main Product Properties” tab of the lower grid.

- Now there is the possibility to work with carriers without setting price range for them;
- “State” column has been added to Addresses tab, so that store owners can view states here;
- Now customers with hashed passwords are being imported correctly;
- Mass Combination and Mass Feature Changer now can be started from ribbon menu;
- Generators (Product Combination Generator, Customizations Generator and Specific Price Generator) are now available in product context menu. Just select necessary products, right click and select required Generator tool;
- “Friendly-URL” field now is available in “Availability&SEO” tab;
-Now it is possible to adjust Carrier Fees window width;
-Measure units (currency, weight, etc) are now displayed in Shipping Settings window.

- Category grid does not disappear after Internet reconnecting (direct connection to database);
- Incorrect mechanism of category copying within multiple stores has been corrected in this release of Store Manager for PrestaShop.
For example, shop 1 has Home->Products categories, shop 2 has categories Home->Products->foods
We copy Products category from Shop 2 to Shop 1 and as a result get foods category copied as well.
This issue has been resolved and categories are being copied correctly now.
- Logic of customer assigning to customer group or its assigning from it has been changed in this release of Store Manager.
1. Create new customer group, for example VIP
2. Add customer, John Smith, for example, and assign this customer to VIP group
3. Delete VIP group
4. Create new customer group, for example, Not registered
As a result, customer John Smith will be assigned to Not registered group, although complete customer group removal is required.
Now Store Manager removes customers and groups correctly
- Previously supplier details were not removed when one removed the supplier itself and these details were displayed when one created new supplier. This inconvenience has been corrected and suppliers are being handled properly in new version of Store Manager for PrestaShop;
- There occurred some issues with product representation due to incorrect pagination functioning. This problem has been resolved;
- Price of products that belong to different shops and have different price in each is imported properly;
- Supplier and Supplier Reference are being imported properly now;
- If product name contains dot, URL will be created correctly without without it.

Store Manager for PrestaShop Professional Edition Version: – Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

New features:
- PrestaShop 1.6 support has been added;
- Application performance enhancement due to inner optimization of program code.

- Advanced Stock Management logic has been changed in this release of Store Manager. PrestaShop version is detected by the application and Advanced Stock Management is displayed if users work with PrestaShop 1.5 and 1.6. In case shop owners use PrestaShop 1.4 and older Advanced Stock Management option will not be displayed in Store Manager;
- Now database login details are automatically designated at next to last step of database connection wizard;
- The procedure of image upload to product description via HTML Editor has been improved. Now images are displayed on preview step and proper image size is being set;
- HTML Editor has been implemented for text field of manufacturer description;

- There were some problems with representation of field groups selected for export. It has been corrected and now you can select necessary field groups;
- The first cart rule, created with Store Manager application could not be applied when making a purchase. This problem has been corrected and cart rules function properly now;
- Taxes were not be added to order created with POS if you use PrestaShop 1.5.5. This problem has been fixed and taxes are being calculated correctly;
- If you use PrestaShop 1.4.4. and lower, ?Cart Rules? button was displayed in Store Manager though these versions of shopping cart do not comprise Cart Rules functionality. Now this option is available in Store Manager if shopping cart version you use supports Cart Rules;
- Price was not updated for product that has been imported from QuickBooks. Now this functionality works properly and product price is being updated;
- Mass Combination Changer processed only 68 out of xxx combination references. This issue has been resolved and in this version Mass Combination Changer updates combination references for all selected products;
- Product price was not calculated properly if a product was added to already existing order. Discount or special price was not applied. This malfunction has been eliminated and product price is calculated correctly now;
- Products with specific prices and those, quantities for which are regulated via Advanced Stock Management, were not cloned properly. The issue has been corrected and details for such products are being cloned correctly;
- Clone order functionality did not operate in a suitable manner. There were troubles with shipping addresses and payment. Now everything works properly and order data are being duplicated correctly;
- Pack products filtration has been improved in this release of Store Manager for PrestaShop.

Store Manager for PrestaShop Professional Edition Version: – Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

- From now on it is possible to import files from URLs that contain user credentials like http://user:password@site-URL;
- Now you can add textures to PrestaShop attributes (e.g. colour);
- Now HTML editor automatically reads site .css and in preview you can see how information will be displayed at the website. There has been also added the possibility to create custom .css URL in Preferences;
- Cart rules support has been added;
- Now you can use coupons when creating orders in POS;

- Now you can filter/sort products in product grid by “Advanced Stock Management” field;
- Some improvements have been brought to invoices: now customizations are displayed in invoices;
- When you clear web shop cache with Store Manager, you will see the folders that are being processed on progress bar;
- Help option has been added to Store Manager Point of Sale;

- Previously you could encounter issues with product description representation in HTML editor. Now when you switch between products, info is displayed correctly;
- Previously supplier reference was not exported. Now you can export this field if you use PrestaShop v.1.5.x
- Formerly you got language code in URL when you switched to product page when you used only one store language. It has been fixed and language code is not included in URL now. If you use only one store language, you will not get language code in URL when you switch to product page;
Other minor crash bugfixes have been brought to Store Manager for PrestaShop.

Store Manager for PrestaShop Professional Edition Version: – Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

New features:
- New option has been added. Now you can import customers to PrestaShop;
- Import \ Export of Virtual products. If you work with virtual products, this feature will speed up your work.
– - You can easily filter virtual products in a data grid.
– - You can export virtual products to .csv file.
– - You can import virtual products from csv, xml, xls, odt files.
– - The ability to upload virtual products via FTP.
– The possibility to clear virtual products for selected units checking corresponding box for them has been added in this release of Store Manager application;
– Import/Export of Customized fields labels function has been added. You can define custom fields and values in the process of import;
- “Create relation” functionality has been added to Accessories tab for better cross-sells management;

– From now on you can use expressions in the process of export, what simplifies data handling. For example, you can replace text using Replace command or merge fields by means of CONCAT SQL command;
– Now you can update combinations in the process of import (quantity, price, etc);
– New macroses have been added to email templates. You can use the following macroses: SHOP NAME, SHOP URL, CARRIER NAME, CARRIER URL in the email text;
– The ability to send emails after automated tasks execution has been added in this release. This feature is useful if you want to control operation execution;
– The possibility to add images to multiple combinations has been added;
– E-mail settings have been renewed in Preferences;
– From now on Store Manager for PrestaShop can operate with thumbnail images resize rules according to PrestaShop back-end logic. You don?t need to set resize rules for thumbnails. Store Manager operates according to values specified in PrestaShop backend;
– Image caption is represented according to default Store language.

Bug Fixes:
– Special price was represented incorrectly in POS. This issue has been corrected in this release;
– Special price values were not be added to order_details table by POS. This problem has been solved;
– It was not possible to connect to FTP if password included special symbols like US dollar $, ? GB pound, etc. Now you can connect if password contains special chars;
– Non-Latin characters were not supported by Store Manager Visual Editor. This problem has been solved;
– Previously when you transferred to product page, store language in URL was ignored. This issue has been resolved.;
– If you have multi-language store and edit product details in additional language(s), changes were not saved (in PrestaShop 1.4). This issue has been corrected in this release of Store Manager for PrestaShop.

Store Manager for PrestaShop Professional Edition Version: – Friday, December 23rd, 2011

- The option that allows to set Specific Price has been added. This feature is available for users of PrestaShop ver.1.4.x Also now you can set discounts for multiple products simultaneously.
- The support of downloadable products has been added. This option is available at the bottom of “Add Product” window. You can add downloadable product by checking the box “Is this a downloadable product?”
- Now you can filter orders by their status. This option is available in the section “Orders”.
- “Clear Product Data” button has been added. It is placed on products toolbar and allows the user to clear selected products information. There are several variants to choose from: delete combinations, images, features, specific prices, accesories and attachments. This option is especially useful if you want to clear all the combinations for selected products.
- New type of database connection has been added – HTTP tunnel. This is an alternative way of connecting to your database and it possesses the advantages of both direct and bridge connection.
- this type of connection is useful if you don’t have direct access to MySQL database, it works the same way as ordinary web browser
- you don’t need to do POST \ GET operations to synchronize data with your store, all changes are real-time
- .php file is used by HTTP -tunnel, that’s why the speed of work depends on your channel speed capacity. If you have unstable connection, it is better for you to use bridge connection because it works with cached database. We don???t recommend importing products if HTTP tunnel is set up. We are working on the improvement of connection and planning to implement caching import in the next releases.
- New automatic connection wizard has been released. Now you can use Simple or Advanced mode to setup store connection. All you need for simple mode is just to fill in FTP settings. All the rest will be done by our Connection Wizard. If you are familiar with communication protocols you can use Advanced mode.
- To speed up editing of combinations we have added the possibility to edit product combination directly in grid. Now there is no need to open Edit Combination window.
- Refresh button has been added to Localization section. Check it in Preferences window.
- New version of one of the most popular Addons – eBay Integration Addon, has been released.
- You can invoke product search by pressing hot key – Ctrl + F in products window

- Previously it was not possible to edit price range in Carrier section. Now you can add or edit prices.
- In the previous versions of Store Manager, there was no possibility to add product with different combinations to the Orders section. In this version of Store Manager such an possibility is included.
- The program was freezing when typing on a keyboard were associated with unnecessary requests to the database (not actual for modal windows). Very noticeable on weak connection. Now this issue is fixed
- Some minor fixes in Search dialog window have been made
- Product pictures were not loaded via FTP during import, if there was an information about picture in database, but the picture itself was not on the server. Now the upload works correctly.
- Previously there was not any possibility to edit the date if the local date format was the following – dd.mmmm.yyyy. Now Store Manager will work in mentioned format as default dd.mm.yyyy.
- Tips and Tricks window was hidden behind the program if any other window was opened.
- Quick Edit Area (Bottom Tabs section) could not be hidden if the tab Description and Short Description was opened. This drawback was removed.
- Carriers have not appeared when any order was created. In this release, this issue was fixed.
- Previously there was the issue with price calculations using SQL expressions while import. Price calculation works fine after the fix.
- After product import when new Manufacturer or Supplier was added, his status was inactive. Now this issue the status of newly-created Manufacturer or Supplier is set as active.
- The export of combinations was not correct. The records were messed up after export. Now the combinations are exported correctly.

Store Manager for PrestaShop Professional Edition Version: – Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

- Edit combinations have been added in Orders Sections
- Downloadable products support added
- Special (Reduction) Price support

Store Manager for PrestaShop Professional Edition Version: – Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Database Connection section in Preference window has been enhanced and now it is more convenient to use.

The issue with encoding in bridge connection has been fixed. Now bridge connection works properly.

Store Manager for PrestaShop Professional Edition Version: – Friday, November 25th, 2011

- Visual enhancements in Preference window were added for more convenient usage.

- Formerly, the command GET DATA didn?t work correctly for bridge connection. Unicode symbols were showed as “?”. Now both of the issues are fixed.
- eBay Integration Addon was not compatible with ver.1.4.xx. After fixing, the Addon works with version1.4.xx correctly.
- Previously, the program allowed to add to the order products with quantity = 0. Now, you cannot create order, where quantity of product is equal to 0.

Store Manager for PrestaShop Professional Edition Version: – Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

- New system of User Access was developed. Now you can grant specific permissions to Store Manager users allowing them to perform certain operations whereas other areas may be disabled. This feature is suitable for store owners who want to restrict access to store data depending on specific user role e.g. Product Manager, Order Manager etc;
- New Doba Integration Addon was integrated, which allows importing products from Doba to your store automatically. The addon is now available for Beta-testing;
- eBay Integration Addon, which allows importing products from your store to eBay is now available for purchase.

- New style of Ribbon (Office 2010) was added;
- Now in Store Manager the option “Force use unicode” is set on default;
- In Mass Product Changer the ability to change Final price was introduced;
- Now Store Manager is compatible with Prestashop version;
- The ability to add accessories to Products was implemented;
- The process of copy/pasting the products was improved. Now while cloning the products the

connections of categories are preserved. You have the ability to choose elements, which you would like to be duplicated, such as combinations, images etc.

- The categories which emerged while import of products now are created not only for current language, but also for other languages;
- The issue of importing product attributes for databases with prefix was fixed;
- Now when creating new order the invoice reflects correct number of products;
- The fields available for export now are correctly reflected in Store Manager;
- The process of editing products? descriptions while switching between databases is fixed;
- The features, in which custom field was set to 0 are now reflected in Store Manager;
- The button “HTML Settings” inStore Manager for PrestaShop ver. HTML Editor re-directs to correct tab.

All improvements and fixes are based on precise information provided by software monitoring